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Learn how Dermasweep can give you better looking skin

Learn how Dermasweep can give you better looking skin

Learn how to get better-looking skin and where you can get this revolutionary skin therapy in Lake Forest.

Introducing DermaSweep at Magdalena European Med Spa

Having regular spa treatments is the best way to fight the effects of aging and keep your skin healthy with a youthful glow. What’s the right treatment for people with complex skin problems who don’t want injections, surgical procedures, and harsh irritating treatments? If you’ve tried other treatments that didn’t work, it’s time to try something new.

What is It?

Traditional microdermabrasion is an exfoliation process that gently sands away dead skin cells leaving you with a smoother skin surface. This revolutionary treatment does much more than standard microdermabrasion and micro resurfacing techniques. It is a new and innovative skin therapy that improves circulation and helps your skin absorb more beneficial nutrients. It successfully treats, heals, and prevents:
• Hyperpigmentation
• Acne
• Signs and effects of aging
• Dry damaged skin

This treatment uses a 3-pronged approach to skin resurfacing and restoration. The treatment begins with an exfoliation using a proprietary bristle-tip system that gently removes the top layer of skin, which helps to improve skin tone, texture, and facilitate collagen production. Next, it improves circulation in your skin. Increasing oxygenation helps to rid your pores of impurities and prepares your skin for the final treatment phase. Finally, you’ll receive an infusion of one of our protective, nourishing, or restorative serums.

Features and Benefits

How it works.

The key to this treatment is the exclusive, patent-pending treatment wand. Your technician uses assorted treatment brushes and tips to gently lift and exfoliate the upper-most layer of your skin. The wand has a vacuum that removes dead skin, cleans your pores of blackheads, whiteheads, and sebum plugs. Your technician will use various tips to continue stimulating blood flow to firm and tone the epidermis layer. Next, you’ll receive a customized infusion designed to meet your skin’s most important needs. Your technician will choose from 3 types of SkinFusions and will mix a custom infusion treatment to target multiple problems.

Why you need it.

Coupled with SkinFusion is to your skin what exercise and nutrition is to your body. If your skin is dull and dry, EpiFusions rehydrate your skin. They also deliver ingredients that help to lighten discolorations leaving you with brighter skin. To correct fine lines and wrinkles, PremiumFusions deliver DNA-repairing enzymes that reverse the effects of aging and restore a youthful appearance. For acne and blemish-prone skin PeelFusions deliver purifying antioxidants and hydroxy acids.

It’s is more than just a facial treatment. It treats age spots, lightens dark blotchy patches and reduces crepey skin on arms and hands. It reduces crepiness and thin saggy skin around your neck and shoulders. It also treats puffiness and dark circles under your eyes, droopy eyelids, fine lines and crow’s feet around your eye area.

Pros and cons.

It’s a safe and painless treatment. You may feel some tingling during the treatment, but that means it’s working. Afterward, you’ll feel some tightening and your skin will have a mild pink glow.

A single treatment generally takes 20-30 minutes. However, for maximum results you may need 3-6 treatments done at 2-week intervals.

DermaSweep vs. Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion uses fine crystals to scrub your skin. You’re prone to experience irritation during the procedure and skin sensitivity afterward. Your technician can select different brushes and adjust the speed to make the treatment gentler on your skin. Microdermabrasion is only exfoliation, nothing more. You’ll need to supplement it with additional spa, medical, or at-home treatments. The SkinFusions includes high-quality nutrient-rich serums targeted to treat specific skin conditions. It’s like having multiple treatments all-in-one. It can take several days to see really see the results of microdermabrasion. Clients see instant results with this new technique, many noticing improved skin tone and texture the same day. Many also notice, within the first few days after treatment, how much better their at-home skin care regimen works. Their daily cleansing regimen is more effective. And they use less product because their skin absorbs moisturizers and daily acne treatments better.

Customer Reviews

Satisfied clients say that just one treatment:
• Gets rid of wrinkles and hydrates better than skin peels and microdermabrasion.
• Isn’t harsh and leaves skin smoother, more plump with a radiant glow.
• Is a comforting painless facial massage. There’s no recovery time. You can use makeup and your regular skin care products immediately after treatment.
• Clears up rosacea without irritating sensitive skin.

DermaSweep Treatment in Lake Forest

Microdermabrasion can leave your skin sensitive after a treatment. While, many facials don’t fully exfoliate your skin. We solve the problem by infusing your skin with essential healing nutrients after every treatment. It’s safe, gentle, and you’ll see immediate results.

Contact Magdalena European Med Spa in Lake Forest for more information and schedule your consultation and treatment today.

November me time

One of my favorite uses for essential oils is using them in the bath. It is so nice to have a good soak. Sometimes I like to soak to relieve my occasional sore muscles but oftentimes the soak is to help me relax. Taking a hot, relaxing bath is a great way to unwind!

I like to mix my essential oils with epsom salts first to not only help the oils disperse throughout the water, but to experience the benefits of the magnesium rich epsom salts.

If you aren’t the bath type, you can easily reap the benefits of epsom salts by soaking your feet!!

Essential Oils for Relaxation
There are many oils that people like to use for relaxation purposes. I like to diffuse them, rub them on my body with a carrier oil, add to a spray bottle and use as a pillow spray and add to my epsom salts for a relaxing bath. I love adding oils and epsom salts to my daughter’s baths as well!

Benefits of epsom salt according to  Epsom Salt Council.

My general rule of thumb is 4-8 drops of essential oils for 1-2 cups of epsom salts. Here are 20 of my favorite relaxing bath salt recipes!

4 drops Lavender and 4 drops Frankincense
4 drops Lavender and 4 drops Cedarwood
2 drops Lavender 2 drops Orange and 4 drops Cedarwood
4 drops Cedarwood and 4 drops Vetiver
4-8 drops Stress Away
2 drops Ylang Ylang and 4 drops Stress Away
4-8 drops Gentle Baby
4-8 drops Peace and Calming
4-8 drops Lavender
4 drops Roman Chamomile, 2 drops Lavender and 3 drops Cedarwood
4 drops Peace and Calming and 2 drops Lavender
2 drops Ylang Ylang 4 drops Lavender and 2 drops Orange
4 drops Stress Away and 4 drops Frankincense
4 drops Valor
4 drops Valor and 2 drops Lavender
4 drops Roman Chamomile and 4 drops Frankincense
4 drops Frankincense and 4 drops Sandalwood
4 drops Sandalwood and 4 drops Lavender
4 drops Lavender, 2 drops Geranium and 2 drops Roman Chamomile
add 1 drop of Rose or Neroli to any of these combos if you are lucky enough to have a bottle!!!

Here is how to become a Young Living  Essential Oils member and how to order:


3# Things to Add to your Diet for Healthy Skin


Beauty may only be skin deep, but caring for your skin starts with some of your body’s most basic functions. That’s why taking care of your skin is more than simply applying serums and creams. Keeping your skin its best also requires proper sun protection, plenty of sleep, and a healthy diet that includes a variety of vitamins and minerals.

A diet full of healthy, unprocessed food is an easy way to care for your skin at its structural level, but lots of Young Living supplements also contain ingredients that support healthy-looking skin. Check out a few of my favorite noteworthy beauty boosters and some of  essential oil-infused favorites that include them!


You’ve heard people buzzing about antioxidants and free radicals, but do you know what they are? Free radicals are reactive molecules that can cause cell damage, and exposure comes from daily living, including things like your body breaking down food, time in the sun, and pollution.

Super C - Dietary Supplement - Young LivingLongevity Essential Oil Supplement - Young LivingWhen it comes to neutralizing these molecules, antioxidants play an important role. Add these defenders to your diet by looking for richly colored fruits and veggies (think blueberries, blackberries, cherries, plums, kale, spinach, and beets) and nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin E, and CoQ10.

I  love using: Longevity and Super C.


OmegaGize3 - Young Living Dietary Supplement Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Think “healthy fat” is an oxymoron? Think again! Your body needs omega-3 fatty acids on a structural level since they are part of cell membranes and help with cell function. And your body can’t create these fats on its own—you can only get them directly from food. That makes a diet rich in omega-3s especially important. To up your intake, eat food like walnuts, leafy greens, flax seed, and fresh or canned fish.

I  love using: OmegaGize


We’re not just talking about whiting out your nose to protect it from the sun’s rays. The trace mineral zinc is actually a little-known skin saver. That’s because your body’s cells, particularly skin cells, rely on this mineral to function. It helps support the skin, in addition to promoting balanced oil production. Add some zinc to your diet with lobster, crab, oysters, cashews, almonds, chicken, chickpeas, and other beans.Master Formula - Young Living

I  love using: Master Formula

For healthy-looking skin that feels truly cared for, don’t skip the beauty basics! Fill your diet with these nutrients and nourish your body from the inside out.






Cozy up to the Fall Season


October note from Magdalena…

With Fall comes less humidity, lower temperatures and skin can quickly reflect that.
Transepidermal water loss, or TEWL, is a term commonly used in skincare, but many people are unfamiliar with what it actually means and why it is so important for your skin. Here is everything you need to know about transepidermal water loss and its effects, as well as some tips for achieving and maintaining the look and feel of smooth, hydrated skin.
What is Epidermal water Loss? Continue reading

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